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We set up this site in the spring of 2014, to cover the crowdfunding scene in the UK, once the new regulataory regime had started on 1st April.

We are not financial advisers, and we do not sell financial products.

Wwe noticed that new crowdfunding 'platforms' seemed to be springing up on a weekly basis, each offering a slightly different service. And almost all of them seemed to be focused on showing businesses how to get money out of investors.

When our intern showed us an article on how to choose a good name for your crowdfunding project, a little bit of coffee came out of our nose.  So we mopped up that coffee and made it into a business plan.

We have a lot of sympathy with the idea that the economy hit the skids pretty badly, that the recovery is proving long and difficult, that the 'old school' banks, lenders and fund managers haven't served business and society the way we thought they were supposed to, and that entrepreneurs need help to fund innovation and growth, so they can produce valuable goods and services people want to buy, and can employ smart people in proper jobs who can buy them.

We also believe that savers and investors matter. We ought to be able to put our money away, for six months, or three years, or whatever, knowing that we can get a return on it that beats inflation - at least.  We believe that crowdfunding can deliver financial returns, and social returns, and a better, more transparent, and more constructive relationship between buisness owners and their financial backers than the one we've got used to over the last thirty years.

A healthy, strong economy is about creating value, not just extracting profit.   We're interested in things like better, clearer communication, rather than just a share price as a measure of value, in paying attention to how a business makes money, and how sustainable it's returns are, and better assessment and sharing of risk, so that businesses reduce risk rather than just moving it around in a game of pass the parcel. We're looking for opportunities investors can buy and hold, not just pump and dump.

But we have a robust attitude to success and failure. We won't tell our readers that every crowdfunding deal is a market leader, or that every venture that loses money is a scandal. The market is made up of thousands of small gains and thousands of small (we hope, smaller) losses. And there are thousands of ways to build a profit making portfolio and enjoy your investment in crowdfunding.

So,   welcome to our site. We have news, commentary and blogs, case studies and research, fun and features, and basic educational material.  We want Another Crowd to be a place people can come to and read about crowdfunding without getting a headache, or falling asleep, and we hope you'll find our writing is well-informed, well-argued, opinionated and enjoyable.

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